St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Simplified

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner again.  Another holiday to use an excuse to get together with friends and family to drink, eat and wear green.  Well, actually it is a day to celebrate the Irish, commemorate Saint Patrick and a day of feast.    Last year I put together a very last minute dinner party for St. Patrick’s day in three days for a small gathering. The recipes I found on Pinterest and warned the guests the meal was mostly an experiment.  But the food turned out wonderful, Corned Beef Shepherd’s Pie and Traditional Irish Soda Bread.  I made my own St. Patty’s Frozen Cocktails, and my mom contributed her famous lime green jello and my aunt brought Irish Creme Brownies.  

  • Corned Beef Shepard's Pie
    Corned Beef Shepard’s Pie
  • St Patty's Frozen Cocktail Prep Sweet Lane Events
    St Patty’s Frozen Cocktail
  • Irish Soda Bread in the Oven
    Irish Soda Bread
  • Irish Soda Bread at St. Patrick's Day dinner
    Irish Soda Bread
  • St. Patrick's Day Green Jello
    Mom’s Green Jello
  • St. Patrick's Day Irish Creme Brownies
    Aunt’s Irish Creme Brownies

The Food

This year I’m really going to keep it really simple and lighten up the menu, with a vegetable pureed soup and the soda bread.  No invitations, just a simple family St. Patrick’s Day dinner.   When I traveled through Ireland a few years ago, I think every restaurant and pub served a vegetable soup and it was always delicious.  I am hoping I can find a recipe that is just as good.   I found a few, but this Creamy Vegetable Soup is the one I think I will try.  Along with the same recipe I used last year for some Irish Soda Bread, I can’t wait!!!

The Decorations

 The decorations will be just a re-use of the last years and my decorations from before.  Since this year will just be a family dinner,  no need to buy more decorations.  Re-using decorations is fun challenge because you want to try to use them in a different way then you have used them before, to make it fresh.  Either way you will probably be the only one who notices if you used the decorations or not.  This goes for every holiday but I believe decorations for the most part, should be something you love, should be re-usable and easy to store.  

Here are some photos from last years decorations:

  • St. Patrick's day candle table decor
    St. Patrick’s day candle table decor
  • St. Patrick's Day dinner Party decor by Sweet Lane Events
    St. Patrick’s Day table decor
  • Shamrock Door Decoration
  • St. Patrick's Day dinner Party by Sweet Lane Events
    Moss Table Runner
  • St. Patrick's Day dinner Party table scape by Sweet Lane Events
    St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Tablescape
  • St Patrick's Day table props
    Fake Greens

Hope you enjoy a simple family St. Patrick’s Day dinner with people you love too!


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