Day 3: Last Minute St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Party

St Patty's Frozen Cocktail Prep Sweet Lane Events

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s day!  I feel pretty well prepared for my St. Patrick’s day dinner party.  You haven’t been following my journey, check out Day 1 & 2 as I put together this last minute dinner party.  The corned beef is in the crock pot cooking for 10-12 hours tonight and I have the cocktails mixed up and in the freezer.  Unfortunately the party has gotten even smaller, it is down to just 4 of us, my brother just bailed for last minute concert tickets.  No worries, it is family, small or large, I am happy to spend time with them.  


Food Prep

Tonight is all about food prep.  The Shepard’s Pie recipe calls for cooked corned beef, so I set it on low to cook for the night so it will be ready for tomorrow.  

corned beef crockpot | Sweet Lane Events

The green St. Patrick’s day cocktail is a variation of my own recipe that I use to make a slushy alcoholic cocktail.  It has to be made ahead so it can freeze, depending on your freezer temp, it is best to allow at least 8 hours.  This recipe will easily fill six 8 oz. mason jars.  It really makes serving you guests a cocktail a snap, because of the prep work is done long before they arrive.  

St Patty's Frozen Cocktail IngredientsSweet Lane Events St Patty's Frozen Cocktail Prep Sweet Lane Events
St. Patty’s Frozen Cocktail
6 oz  triple sec
4 oz vodka
16 oz water
3 individual Hawaiian Punch Sugar Free Lemon Lime Splash Drink Mix Singles to Go flavor packets
Mix all the ingredients together, making sure the powder from the flavor packets in mixed in well.  Divide liquid among six 8 oz mason jars.  Replace lids and freeze for at least 8 hours.  When ready to serve, remove the jars from freezer at least 5 minutes before hand to allow to thaw a little.  Add spoon and serve.  


Tomorrow is the big day.  If you haven’t been following the progress of my last minute St. Patrick’s Day dinner party, see the two days prep before Day 1 & Day 2.  


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