The Stress-Free Way to Prepare your Home for a Party

This is not the 1950s any more and our homes do not need to be spotless for guests. We all have busy lives and I think most of us don’t go over to someone else’s house expecting it to be perfectly clean so why should we put that pressure on ourselves.  It does require a little work to get your home in order for a party but there is no need for it to cause you stress.  The illusion of clean is all you really need.  Your home should look good but it doesn’t need to pass a white glove test.  To prepare your home for a party:

First thing ….  put away your dirty underwear.

When I was about 9 or 10 I was invited to a friend’s birthday party at her house.  She was one of 9 kids.  I don’t really remember anything from the party anymore expect the pair of underwear crumbled up in the corner of their living room!  No, I am not making it up, there was underwear in the living room!  As an adult I don’t want to judge, I know they had a lot going on with taking care  of 9 kids.  But as a kid, I couldn’t believe it.  So first thing put your underwear away, dirty or clean, nobody wants to see that.

Second ….  pick up and put away the clutter

The simplest way to make your house look presentable is just buy picking-up and putting away all the stuff.  Focus on the areas your quests will be using and put away all the extra stuff you’ve been putting off putting back.  Get the mail off the kitchen counter, get the foam roller from under the coffee table (maybe this is just my house) and put your shoes away from last night.  Just pick up the clutter your guests don’t need to see.

If needed ….. find a hiding spot

For the things you can’t put away because they don’t have a spot yet or maybe it is a project you are in the middle of, find a hiding place.  I quite often need to use a spare room, office or closet to hide the things I can’t or don’t have time to put away properly.  I have to say it is the quickest solution to clean up quickly but it leaves you a mess to clean up after the party.

Do some light cleaning

If your home is regularly cleaned at least every other week then your home won’t need much, you just want to make sure

  • wipe off  and dust any areas where food or drinks will be placed on: coffee, dining tables, buffets, counters,  etc.
  • do a quick check for any noticeably dirty areas or dust bunnies and clean if necessary
  • kitchen & guest baths:  want to make sure the counter, sink, mirror and toilet are clean.  Also make sure you have left out extra toilet paper, air freshener, & plenty of hand towels.

Having a lot of food …. consider cleaning out your fridge

If you are serving a large meal, cleaning out your fridge, pantry, and/or freezer, can really be  helpful.  I am not talking about physically cleaning it, like the shelves and drawers (unless that is needed), but cleaning out the old food and the stuff you are never going to use.  I like to do it at least a week in advance, because it gives you a chance to figure what you have and eat what you can during the week.  Even if you don’t have a lot to get rid of, you can reorganize it to make more room and it really forces you to look at everything so you know what you have.

Please share your tips for preparing your home for a party

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